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Sundance Commons is an agricultural non-profit that operates at four farm locations in southwestern Ontario.  We provide the tools, guidance, and access for new farmers who face barriers to entry      in the agricultural sector and land access more broadly.  
Sundance Commons envisions a regenerative and food-secure world where the equity and agency of farm workers is centred.

Learn - Farm Incubator Program


We incubate new and aspiring farmers. We provide the educational component necessary to thrive, the tools to boost productivity and the markets to offer fair compensation for crops produced.


Develop - Create and secure Equitable Long Term Farm and Infrastructure Leases


We work with each farmer to determine ideal lease arrangements and farm locations. We offer pathways to equity-building via land improvements, infrastructure ownership with ground leases, and leases that are fair, equitable and long term.



Perpetuate - Acquire and Manage Farmland to lock in access and equity for BIPOC farmers in perpetuity.

All of these aims and program outlines can be strengthened greatly by securing land for affordable access in perpetuity. We work with partner organizations and land-holding farmers to secure donations, offer community bonds, and other mechanisms to own deeds to productive farmland. We do this as a community land trust, a non-profit entity that separates ownership of land from housing and other infrastructure through novel ground leases.


Support - Acquire the infrastructure necessary to serve the needs of new farmers


We provide the delivery and storage tools and infrastructure necessary to scale sooner. We coordinate the logistics of large equipment usages, leveraging our scale of many farmers to mitigate the immense upfront capital needed to build efficiencies.


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Sundance Commons is a member of FoodShare's Supportive Partnership Platform. FoodShare has a history of partnering with communities to catalyze social change through food. Our Supportive Partnership with FoodShare makes it possible for our agricultural based non-profit to serve our community: teaching the farmers of the future, creating accessible spaces and facilitating viable careers. 

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